So you want to connect your earphoes with your smartphone, but, for some reason, the eaphones aren't showing up in your Bluetooth device list? Here's a list of potential problem solvers:

a.Check to see if you've actually turned on the Bluetooth option on your phone. It's a surprisingly simple thing to miss.

b.Make sure your smartphone and earphones are close enough to one another when you want to connect them. While the bulk of Bluetooth devices - especially earphones - have enough range, the best way to ensure they connect is when they are within at least three feet of each other. 

c.Check the manufacturer's recommended pairing process. Not all Bluetooth earphones will connect with your phone in the same way; sometimes, it's as easy as just turning on your earphones; other times, it's a bit more complicated. To avoid any issues with pairing your device, carefully read through all the details on what you should be doing. 

d.Try turning them off and on again. It's an old method, but let's face it - sometimes it really does work. 

e.Turn off or remove any interfering devices. It could be that, for some reason, your earphones are trying to connect with another device instead of your smartphone.

f.Move away from the Wi-Fi router. It could be that your Wi-Fi router is using the same spectrum as the earphones, and thus causing some interference.

g.Restore your Bluetooth earphones to the factory settings. Please see “How to restore your Bluetooth earphones to factory settings?”